Rob Snikkar

I paint music in its form and feeling.


Formerly a computer programmer and mathematics teacher I am now a full time artist.  Working in various media - oils, ultralight mobile sculpture, drawing, video and watercolours.

My main interest is music synaesthesia art.  I am also interested political protest art and other themes.

“A painting is music you can see, and music is a painting you can hear.” 

Miles Davis


Music and visual art are languages that touch our innate aesthetic.

So many feelings and concepts are shared by these arts; composition, motif, balance, harmony, tension, discord, tone, key, movement, rhythm, rest, foreground, background, depth….


But how to…


• represent music through painting and sculpture?  Not to simply transcribe music into notation such as sheet music. 

• capture the sound space, tonality, rhythm, and feel of music visually?

• compose visual works that evoke the same emotive responses as music?

• represent a particular piece or style of music?

• paint the voice of Miles Davis’ muted horn, a minor key, a symphony, the timbre of Chet Baker’s quavering voice, or the song Back To Black by Amy Winehouse?


And how to create images that convey these forms and feelings with fidelity – so that they are truly recognizable visual analogs of the music that they represent.

That is my challenge.

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