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THE TRIAL & WhiteBox

THE TRIAL is my video project that investigates white privilege.  Based on events in 1931 Harlem it resonates with issues of racism and power today.  The project began in 2022 during a 2 month residency at Arts, Letters and Numbers in Averill Park, New York funded by CALQ (Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec)

At that time I met with organizations in New York City including Juan Puntes the Founder and Artistic Director of WhiteBox - a progressive non-profit arts organization.  WhiteBox has accepted my proposal for an exhibition of the video with a participatory installation, an open call and discussion sessions aimed at building collaborations for a second phase of the project.

WhiteBox and I plan collaborations to create multidisciplinary works - including musical compositions and theatrical treatments - on the themes of THE TRIAL.

About THE TRIAL Project: Bio
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